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New Greek law: it is legal to transport refugees in a privat car

Dear local people from Lesvos and Tourists,

please take refugees in your cars to bring them to the registrazion point in the PORT.
It is now by law aloud !
You have to call the number “100” to register with the police that you are about to transport new arrived refugees to the port!!!!

And dont forget to have always small water bottels in your car.
Thank you and have a good day!

Welcome to europe and youth without borders.

Everybody is in (Alle sind dabei)

in the streets, in the port, in the car, at the beach

– Its the song we
dance to everywhere, so it became our soundtrack and we didn’t want to
keep it from you!
So we shake our body and want to tell the politicians that they should
maybe shake their heads to realise that the system of border is not
really working like they want it to. So lets start to say a real welcome
to the new-arriving, take them serious and treat them like human beings
who have the right to move wherever and whenever they want!

Here is the song:
Arash: tekoon bede (Shake)

And for those who are interested the lyrics you find them here.

And we also wanted to share a picture from one of our concerts in the
harbour. The Band you see is “Renovatio” and was with us until yesterday

and gave us and the new-arriving some good music from Renovatio

Children in the Port of Mytilini

There are so many babies and children on there way to a better future too!!

After a lot of conversations with adults we made a drawing action for
the children.
They shared their experiences with us and draw them on paper. In their
pictures we could see escape and the wish for a calm life, with the hope of a fast arriving.
When they asked us if we come back we answered them:

Yes we are going
to be here tomorrow again. But you will already have to travel further on
For sure we will see each user again and hopefully in a better situation.

About the Port Police control of a member of the Journey back to the border III

The other day I went inside a Kiosk in the Port of Mytilini, Lesvos to buy some stuff. A men asked what i want here, why i am here, where I come from and then he requested my passport. He spoke English and Greek with me so I couldn’t really understand him. He was very aggressive and didn’t speak friendly to me at all. He laughed about me and through me out of the shop.I didn’t understood who he is and what he want from me.
Another men came with a women, both of them belonged to the other men. They took a picture of my Passport and wanted to take my bag. I said that i am here with a Group and that i want to all them.I wanted to explain to them but they didn’t listen to me. Then one of the men took my phone. I felt really uncomfortable and i was afraid. Finally i saw one of my friends and i wanted to ask him for help but the people hold me back. But my friend recognized that I was in Trouble and he went to get Help. My friends come and they translate me that it was Port Police that where holding me. My friends speak greek and after some minutes i was released.

Horror in the Port of Mytilini

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Tonight in the Port of Mitilini after the ELeftherios Venizelos left,
refugees sleep in front of the ticket offices, hoping to get on the next

This people mostly Syrians and Afghans need human treatment and protection.
The European Union has to react and send immediately the needed help .
Tents, food, water supplies are not so difficult to organize
immediately.What are they waiting for? or does the european union maybe
want all this people to stay under such conditions in greece not to have
them at their central european countries?
Why did the Eleftherios Venizelos change suddenly its route and instead
of going to Thessaloniki and bring like planned the refugees with buses
till the Macedonian border it turned and goes to Pireus?
can it be that the pressure made to the greek government by the european
union is so strong to turn big boats?
The solution to bring the refugees to the nearest point of their
destination, was great. It is clear hat they want to get to other
european countries.