Everybody is in (Alle sind dabei)

in the streets, in the port, in the car, at the beach

– Its the song we
dance to everywhere, so it became our soundtrack and we didn’t want to
keep it from you!
So we shake our body and want to tell the politicians that they should
maybe shake their heads to realise that the system of border is not
really working like they want it to. So lets start to say a real welcome
to the new-arriving, take them serious and treat them like human beings
who have the right to move wherever and whenever they want!

Here is the song:
Arash: tekoon bede (Shake)

And for those who are interested the lyrics you find them here.

And we also wanted to share a picture from one of our concerts in the
harbour. The Band you see is “Renovatio” and was with us until yesterday

and gave us and the new-arriving some good music from Renovatio