About the Port Police control of a member of the Journey back to the border III

The other day I went inside a Kiosk in the Port of Mytilini, Lesvos to buy some stuff. A men asked what i want here, why i am here, where I come from and then he requested my passport. He spoke English and Greek with me so I couldn’t really understand him. He was very aggressive and didn’t speak friendly to me at all. He laughed about me and through me out of the shop.I didn’t understood who he is and what he want from me.
Another men came with a women, both of them belonged to the other men. They took a picture of my Passport and wanted to take my bag. I said that i am here with a Group and that i want to all them.I wanted to explain to them but they didn’t listen to me. Then one of the men took my phone. I felt really uncomfortable and i was afraid. Finally i saw one of my friends and i wanted to ask him for help but the people hold me back. But my friend recognized that I was in Trouble and he went to get Help. My friends come and they translate me that it was Port Police that where holding me. My friends speak greek and after some minutes i was released.