by Fereshta Amiri

When it’s about violance i close my eyes …

Fariba Amiri is showing her Painting in the Art-Exhibition in Chalkida “Afghan women matter” in Chalkida this weekend.
You can contact Fariba and Fershta Amiri through our Email: lesvos.w2eu[at]
i am Ferehsta Amiri 16 years old from Afghanistan. It has been 2 years that i am living in Greece inside of the camp. Two months ago after a long time we could arrange this opportunity to go to school – with a high motivation unfortunately the school is in Chalkida that is 20 kilometers far from here – Ritsona Camp.
But I hope to have this way of education again as we didn’t have access to expand our knowledge for a long time.
And it is almost 8 months that i have started drawings beside of my lessons. Through this drawing i could picture my reality perspective through paper.

Not only drawings – through writing the texts or poems – i become calm with having nice feelings that i have had.

When i am drawing my paintings it inspires me to make me calm during of drawings ….

Special when it’s about violance i close my eyes and think about injustice to keep a stonge painting and sometimes when i’m thinking about past life my images tell me to keep alive everything that bother me through paintings.