I have different plans and dreams about my future …

Fariba Amiri is showing her Painting in the Art-Exhibition in Chalkida “Afghan women matter” in Chalkida this weekend.
You can contact Fariba and Fershta Amiri through our Email: lesvos.w2eu[at]yahoo.gr.
Hi, I am Fariba Amiri, 15 years old from Afghanistan living in Greece, Ritsona refugee camp. After spending one and a half year in Greece I am able to go to a school, but the situation about the buses are difficult on all the students in my age. There is no bus for transferring us to school. It is 20 kilometers far from here.
That’s why we haven’t gone to school from when it started untill now. I have started painting 10 months ago and I was doing it mandala art

The painting and drawing give me a calm feelings, my stress goes on doing mandala, and i enjoy during painting about different things.

The festival is in Chalkida in friday and Saturday they gave the artists of refugees in Ritsona, a chance to participate and show their arts in the exhibition for people. All of the artists in our camp joined in this festival.

I have different plans and dreams about my future, definitely one of them is to become the best football player as I am a player right now. And beside of that to improve my art and continue my lessons.

Thanks for everything:)