Open screening of refugee video makers short-movies

Friday 20:00 o clock at Ktirio Xatzigianni in Mytilini City Center
Open screening of refugee video makers. Short-movies about the hotspot prisons of Lesvos and Samos followed by a discussion.
The movies will be shown again during the Konzert on Saturday!!!

Ehab Onan

  • “Rejected”, 2017
    May I ask how you would feel after having escaped the hellfire of war? After having crossed borders as dozens of bullets hailed down upon you? To become nothing more than an exploitable commodity in the hands of the smugglers, deprived even of the protection of a life jacket?
    What awaits you are months of sharing a small tent with more rats than people, falling asleep hungry and smelling filthy, in a camp teeming with thousands of other hopeful souls. All of this misery, ultimately to be told: Sorry, your application for asylum has been rejected.
    Language: Arabic with English subtitles; 4 ½ minutes
  • “Broken wings”, 2019
    Dad, where’s my mom? Dad, where are you taking me?
    My daughter, please forgive me, I know you are thirsty and hungry and tired, but as soon as we’ve passed these borders I promise you’ll open your wings and fly, fly up towards clear blue skies, as your mom would have wished.
    This film is based on the true stories of many refugees, from the complexities of crossing national borders, to the exhausting wait for the outcome of the asylum procedure.
    A father, wanting merely a better future for his daughter, is separated from her at the border. Meanwhile, in Turkey, young people tragically lose their lives in their pursuit of a happier and safer existence.
    Language: Arabic with English subtitles; 9 minutes


  • “Can you hear me” 2019
    A women and her daughter flee from Congo out of fear in direction to Europe. When they arrive at a Greek airport the police catch them. The mother is arrested and the daughter is send to a home for unaccompanied children. The short-movie tells the story of the relationship of the separated mother and daughter.
    Language: French with English subtitles, 6 1 ½ minutes
  • “I am a refugee not a criminal” 2019
    From the Perspective of a refuge the short-movie deals with the all-day-discrimination that refuges face in Europe.
    Language: Greek with English subtitles ,1 ½ minutes


  • “Voices from Inside of Pagani Detention Center”, 2009:
    This video shows the inhumane conditions in one cell in Pagani Detention Center. In this one space live about 160 obviously young refugees, some of them have been there for over 100 days. Pagani has a capacity for 280 people, but in August 2009, over 800 people, amongst them 300 minors, are crammed into the facility. They share one toilet in each room. Access to basic necessities is very restricted, medical aid is totally insufficient. On 18 August 2009, 160 minors started a hunger strike to fight for their immediate freedom. The Video was produced by Najib when he was himself a minor and crammed into the small cell in Pagani.
    Language: English, 4 minutes

Fridoon JOINDA

  • “Hope”, 2017
    With borrowed cameras and equipment, we made this movie while stuck on Lesvos with thousands of others, waiting for months for the Greek government to hear our stories and allow us into the rest of Europe.
    Language: English with Greek subtitles, 10 minutes

Sayed Ahmadzia EBRAHIMI

  • “Lucky Vulnerables”, 2018
    3 short movies about the refugee camp Moria. The island is turned to a jail for a large group of refugees trying to come to Europe’s mainlands. The only way to get out of the camp is to get a black stamp. For black stamp you should have a vulnerability paper issued by the camp’s doctors which confirms a person’s hard illness and allows the person to leave the camp for better healthcare at the mainland (Athens). Many children dream about their parents getting an illness, according to the guidelines to get a black stamp and finally leave the island.
    Language: Dari with English subtitle, 3X15 seconds
  • “The Terrorist”, 2016
    A short-movie about a young woman and her story about trying to re-unite with her husband, who left for Europe. He tried to apply for a family reunification but his case was rejected in Europe. As the woman is a photographer, she tries to reach her husband by submitting a photograph to the European Photograph Festival. However, her teacher did not send her photo to the Festival because she thought the subject of the photograph is not powerful enough. The woman looks for a new subject and finds one … to be discovered in the movie!
    Language: Dari with English subtitle, 10 minutes

Jawad JADARI and Zahra MOHAJED

  • “Dooste man”, 2019
    The short movie tells the story of two kids staying in Moria. In Moria-all-day-live people have to cue a lot. A girl with a broken foot and a boy who can not hear find each other to work together in solidarity to get juice in one cue.
    Language: Dari with English subtitles, 10 minutes