melody and rhythm of freedom for all

small concert and musical activities in memory with welcome to europe

Flyer for the “melody and rhythm of freedom for all” Activities

We would like to look back on migrant struggles and we want to face the reality today on the island. A reality of an organized permanent crisis, with the hot-spots like Moria made to deter people and break their will to move freely – but people continue moving. 10 years after Noborder ‘09 on Lesvos we want to celebrate continuity and stubbornness we have learned together in these migrant struggles.

The deaths in Moria and the camps on the mainland Greece are kept in silence. We want to commemorate those who died and to renew the promise to continue in our try to tear down these deadly borders that separate us.

  • 27.09.19 – FRIDAY
    Time: around 20:00 / Mytilini city (exact place to be announced)
    Open screening of refugee video makers short-movies about the hotspot prisons of Lesvos and Samos followed by a discussion.
  • 28.09.19 – SATURDAY
    Time: 16:00 / Place: Olive fabric Panagiouda
    “the melody and the rythm of freedom for all“
    – Festival with music (open mic for local musicians and concerts with melodies and rhymes from different places), among them: musikarama, no tunes, rennovatio, kashef feat. boza tracks
    – exhibitions and screenings of video-clips of former struggles on Lesvos and short speeches of friends who had struggled on this island before. Local groups of comrades are invited to share their materials.
  • 29.09.19 – SUNDAY
    Time: 12:00 / Place: Thermi, seaside at the port
    Memorial for the dead: In Thermi we built 6 years ago the memorial for the dead at the European borders. Fascist destroyed it twice. During the activist ceremony we will commemorate the dead of the borders and the hot spot system together with survivors and relatives.