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Recent arrivals on the Aegean islands; News from Lesvos

June 10th

Yesterday, the police release more than 70 of the migrants and refugees who had recently arrived on the island and who were detained under inhuman conditions inside the port area for a few days. Some of them had been already transferred to different police stations on the island for further detention. The release was a consequence of further arrests on the island and overcrowded cells. Families from Afghanistan, Syria and men and women from Somalia took the ship to Athens.

On Thursday 13th the local activist network “Village of all together” is planning a protest in front of the port where the migrants are usually being detained. Currently there are less than 10 persons left inside the port area among them a pregnant woman, minors and a small baby. Also the syndicate of the coast guard is planning to react on the inhuman detention conditions and the inhuman working conditions for their staff inside the port.

Meanwhile another 44 refugees arrived yesterday on Samos island. The detention centre on Samos has a capacity of 300.

Hellenic Coast Guard

June 9th

Further arrivals of refugees on the Aegean islands:

Lesvos: 10
hellenic coast guard

Agathonisi: 27 (17 men, 6 women and 4 minors)

hellenic coast guard

Leros: 21 (18 men, 1 woman and 2 minors)
hellenic coast guard