Greece koordination of the hotspots and registration of ngos in the hands of the military.

Σε ΦΕΚ η Επιτροπή Συντονισμού του προσφυγικού

The greek goverment with a new parliament decision, anounced that it
will be the greek military and the ministery of it, that has the
responsability for the hotspots .A new coordination comittee in the
ministery of the Aegean and Island Politics, will make the acreditation
and registration of NGOS and volunteers .

Lets see how the great volunteer work done by thousands people from all
over the world on their own expences and suporting also the local
economy, all this months, in the greek islands, will be kicked off in a
short time.
Which means no eyes that can witness. Now more than ever: dont live the
refugees alone .