Traces Back Part II:: Voices from the Outside of Moria

In the frame of the second “back-to-the-border”-camp from youth without borders and the network welcome to europe a protest took place at August 10th 2014 in front of the detention center in Moria on Lesvos island.

About 80 people, mainly young refugees and migrants, organized a concert by Renovatio, Open Mike and a DJ in front of the so called “first reception center”.

  • No More Moria!!!!
  • We came here to break the isolation in Moria-prison, hoping that it will be closed soon!
  • It was a very good experience, because we made the people inside the prison happy, at least for that moment!
  • One of us held a speach in front of the detention center and screamed “Azadi” at the end – all the people inside the prison responded with one very loud “Azadi”! I had tears in my eyes!
  • I am very happy that everone came together and united, from inside the detension center and from outside.
  • The only thing I could see when I was standing on the wall of the prison was the laughter of the detainees. That made me very happy and it made me believe that even in prison life goes on. Because I was imprisoned myself I know that feeling.
  • On our journey back we saw many people who found themselves forced to break the laws of nature. They smoothed mountains and crossed seas to claim their human rights. Because of their claim for their rights, now they have to stay in prison as there are no human rights here.
  • Again a lot of deep impressions – I have no words for it!
  • I love to see teenagers laughing in prison.
  • All the refugees that arrived in Greece thought that they arrived in Europe and that therefore all their problems were solved. But they dont understand yet, that they arrived in the hell of Europe. They dont understand that the life they were fighting for is yet far away and that they have still many fights to fight.
  • It made me very happy that the boys were so happy … even though they were in prison!
  • We had a very good time and I will never forget that beautifull moments with these good people!
  • It was nice to see, that 80 people with a lot of creative energy can change a sad and depressive place ( detention with big wall/fences in the jungle) into a powerfull, vivit protest and communication zone.
  • I am happy that we all gave a smile to the people that where in the prison. That was a very good memory.
  • Just Azadi!!!!

Despite being physically separated by a 2 metres wall and fences with barbed wire the isolated 100 detainees got into contact with the outer world through singing, dancing and shouting together with the protestors slogans in various languages for about two hours. The atmosphere was very powerfull. Many young activists climbed on the wall while others were dancing on the street. People who had met some days earlier in PIKPA, the self-organised open welcome center, now met again – some being outside some being inside detention while dancing together and shouting freedom in various languages. Some of the activists were inside this detention cemter a year ago. For them it was at the same time very sad to see all the newcomers behind the fence and that the detention center had been expanded and grew but it was also very powerful to be able and share hope and break the isolation. New friendships have started in PIKPA and grew during the protest in front of Moria and they will remain. Our story will continue…