In the “village of all together” waiting for the police….

By Anthi Pazianou / published in “Efimerida ton Sindakton”

Crossing Borders

Since last August 1,200 refugees have been arrested in Lesvos for illegal entry into Greece. This was brought about by the draconian measures on the border between Evros – Northern Greece and Turkey. In the name of ‘Fortress Europe’, refugees, mainly from Afghanistan and Syria, were forced to turn back and ultimately choose a more hazardous entry into Greece by sea.
On the 14th December 2012, 29 refugees didn’t reach their destination. According to the testimony of the only survivor, the boat in which they were travelling suddenly turned upside down. 21 corpses were recovered over the next 2 days while the rest, including children, are still unaccounted for.
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A letter to the world / PIKPA 2012

I saw lots of sorrows,
that even the world is telling me: hey stop!
I am full enough
I can not see the sorrow in your face anymore.

My face might look younger,
but i am not young anymore.
I am old.

Found in PIKPA on a tree on Friday 21st of December 2012 when the last remaining refugees had been transferred to the police station.

News from the “Village of All Together” – Dec 27th

The network of volunteer organisations and active civilians of Lesvos “Village of All Together” reached it’s 100th day of life. The initiatives of the VoAT were supported by members of our network, the social polyclinic, farmacy and shops, offering food supply for families who can not afford buying food and the reception / hosting of migrants and refugees. Finally the VoAT organised a support initiative for a village that had recently been hit by strong rainfalls. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
With the functioning of PIKPA as an open reception centre for migrants and refugees we experienced a wave of volunteering and solidarity from the local society surpassing all our expectations.

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